In accordance with the Open Meeting requirements, the agenda for the upcoming meeting will be posted here when mailed to supervisors.  The minutes from the previous board meeting will be posted once they are approved.

Regular open board meetings will be held on the SECOND Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM in the conference room of the ASCD office located at 12407 Naves Cross Road, Cumberland unless otherwise announced.



Soil Conservation District Seeks Nominations

The Maryland State Soil Conservation Committee (SSCC) is accepting applications for an appointment to the Allegany Soil Conservation District Board of Supervisors.  The term of office is five (5) years.  This is an at-large appointment selected by the SSCC.

In Maryland, each soil conservation district is governed by a five-member board of supervisors.  To become a supervisor, you must be a resident of the district you serve, interested in conservation, and willing to perform the duties required by the district.  Supervisors are appointed to represent farming, forestry, wildlife, suburban/urban interests, and other natural resource interests or disciplines needed to accomplish the goals of the district.

Click below to download the nomination form/application.  Return the completed form to the ASCD office at 12407 Naves Cross Road NE, Cumberland, MD 21502.  Forms must be received at the ASCD office by November 19, 2021 in order to be submitted to SSCC for their selection.

If you have any questions, call the ASCD office at 240-609-3493.

Board of Supervisors

The five (5) Board Members and two (2) Associates work with the staff to promote, through the District, methods to conserve soil and reduce runoff from agricultural operations. They meet the second Tuesday of each month to discuss local, state and national conservation issues and programs, and to direct staff on where to place priorities. Meetings begin at 10:00 AM in the conference room of the ASCD office located at 12407 Naves Cross Road unless otherwise announced in the Cumberland Times News.  Meetings are open to the public.  


Chairman: Carl E. Robinette

Vice-Chair: W. Stephen Young, P.E.

Treasurer: Lee Heavner

Supervisor: Ron Hawk

Supervisor: Amanda Paul

Associate Supervisor: Ben Sansom

Associate Supervisor: Wesley Gordon