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Agricultural Programs 

Allegany Soil Conservation District

12407 Naves Cross Road NE

Cumberland, MD 21502

Phone: 240-609-3493


The Wilbert R. Paul Conservation Building

2024/2025 Maryland
Cover Crop Enrollment

For farmers who plant 10 acres or more of cover crops, this is your opportunity to apply for attractive grants to help pay for seeds, labor, and equipment costs to plant cover crops in your fields this fall.

Enrollment is June 21 through July 17, 2024.  Sign up at the Allegany SCD office or contact Reid Boden at 240-609-3503 or

Click here for more information about the Cover Crop Program.

Soil Conservation & Water Quality Plans

Conservation planning helps clients attain sustainable use and sound management of soil, water, air, plant, animal, energy, and human resources. The purpose is to prevent the degradation of resources and to ensure their sustained use and productivity, while considering the client's economic and social needs. Soil Conservation and Water Quality plans are developed by our field professionals and are dynamic in nature. Plans are updated as operations and objectives change, or resource concerns develop.

Best Management Practices

On the farm, best management practices are used in a variety of situations to control soil erosion, manage nutrients and protect water quality. A terrace system or grassed waterway may be installed to prevent soil from washing down a hillside. Cover crops and vegetative buffers are often planted to prevent nutrient runoff from entering farm streams. Other more complex BMPs such as livestock crossings, spring developments and animal waste storage structures provide water quality benefits for livestock. The Allegany Soil Conservation District can provide farmers with technical assistance to design and BMPs in much the same way that a contractor works with a homeowner to repair a leaking roof or insulate a house to make it more energy-efficient. We also supervise BMP installation or construction and develop maintenance plans to keep the practices in good working order.


The following is a list of possible BMPs available to Allegany County Farmers from the Allegany Soil Conservation District. Not all best management practices are identified here, so visit our office for the most recent list of practices.


Conservation Choices for Maryland Farmers - Web Version

Conservation Choices for Maryland Farmers (PDF Version)



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