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As directed by Gov. Hogan, several MDA employees working at the ASCD field office are teleworking.  Please call 240-609-3493 before coming to the office to be sure that who you want to see is in the office.  Currently NRCS and county employees, as well as MDA admin staff, are in the office.  Updates on staffing and office hours will be posted as received.

Allegany Soil Conservation District Staff

12407 Naves Cross Road NE                                                                                Phone: 240-609-3493

Cumberland, MD 21502                                                                                Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

The Wilbert R. Paul Conservation Building

Our conservation partners of the USDA; Natural Resource Conservation Service and the Maryland Department of Agriculture - Office of Resource Conservation, all work under one roof to give you the best quality service available. The staff here are employees of either the District, USDA or the State.


District Manager: Adam Heavner (SCD)     aheavner@atlanticbbn.net

District Conservationist: Chad Bucklew (NRCS)     Chad.Bucklew@usda.gov

Office Secretary: Mona Lee (MDA)     mlee@atlanticbbn.net

Sediment Control Planner: Brent Walker (County) bwalker@atlanticbbn.net

Nutrient Management Specialist: Keith Potter (MDA)    Keith.Potter@maryland.gov

Soil Conservationist:  Slater Hafer (NRCS)     Slater.Hafer@usda.gov

Soil Conservation Associate III:  Will Gindlesberger (MDA)     william.gindlesberger@usda.gov

Private Lands Forester: Shannon Farrell (NRCS)    Shannon.Farrell@md.nacdnet.net

Grazing Specialist:  Beth Goering (RC & D)     Elizabeth.Goering@usda.gov

Soil Conservation Technician:  Dakota Hamilton (RC & D)     dakota.hamilton@usda.gov

Soil Conservationist Technician:  Daniel Kirby (NRCS)     daniel.kirby@usda.gov

Acting FSA Executive Director:  Connie Stemple (USDA)     connie.stemple@usda.gov

F.S.A. Program Technician: Annetta Enlow (USDA)     annetta.enlow@usda.gov

Envirothon Coordinator: Craig Hartsock      chartsock@atlanticbbn.net

Earth Team Volunteer: Carl Robinette (NRCS)     Carl.Robinette@usda.gov


In compliance with the Public Information Act, Allegany SCD's PIA Contact Person is: District Secretary, Mona Lee

Please mail requests to her attention using the ASCD address above or her email as listed above.

Effective 8/4/17:  ASCD's extensions have changed.  You can still call the same 301-777 numbers and follow the prompts to get to who you want to talk with or you can call them direct.  Individual phone numbers will all begin with 240-609- followed by the extension for each staff person as follows:

           Adam Heavner, ext. 3500        Mona Lee, ext. 3493           Chad Bucklew:  1-301-706-0161

          Brent Walker, ext. 3497          Shannon Farrell, ext. 3505        Slater Hafer, ext. 3496

           Beth Goering. ext. 3501          Keith Potter, ext. 3507            Craig Hartsock, ext. 3508                                                    

           Carl Robinette, ext. 3499        Connie Stemple, ext. 3495      Annetta Enlow, ext. 3492       


         Dakota Hamilton, ext. 3502                                               Will Gindlesberger, ext. 3504



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